Urgent investment alert:

Why buying silver today could bag you a 143% gain

Protect your wealth with the precious metal primed to rocket 10, 20 even 50 times higher as markets go haywire

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Imagine making 20 times your money as markets crumble…

In this report from Stansberry Churchouse Research publisher Kim Iskyan you’ll discover why that’s in the cards right now for the silver market.  

See, after falling out of favour with most investors after its epic 2011 high… silver is now squarely in a bull market. 

The metal is up 45% already this year. But as Kim shows in “Buy Silver Now For Explosive Returns,”’ this could be just the beginning of a massive, long-term move higher. 

Because as the financial markets grow more and more uncertain… 

And central banks across the world send bonds and cash rates into unprecedented negative yield territory… 

Silver can rapidly rocket higher.

And if you move fast while this latest bull market is still in its infancy, you could stand to make 10, 20 or even 50 times your money. 

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  • Three global economic tailwinds propelling silver higher: It’s not just fear of financial chaos driving silver up right now. The precious metal’s relationship with one major energy market… global growth and the US Dollar all indicate a BIG move up is on the way. 
  •  Why silver has averaged a 339% gain during similar times in financial history: See the incredible chart that proves silver can return you way more than gold when markets get shaky. 
  • How much you should buy — and the smartest ways to invest: Kim shares how much of your portfolio you should consider allocating to silver right now… and his number one preferred method for investing in it (hint: it’s not the physical stuff). 
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Kim’s report brings you up-to-date with what’s going on in the silver market right now. You’ll see why the current bull market could only just be getting started. 

You’ll know exactly how we think you should invest… the historical case for silver… and the economic conditions that mean you could be looking at a 10, 20, or even 50-fold gain if you invest today. 

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About the Author

My name is Kim Iskyan. I’m the publisher of Stansberry Churchouse Research, and the editor of the Asia Wealth Investment Daily.  

I’ve spent most of the past 25 years exploring and analyzing global markets. I’ve had a front-row seat in epic market busts and catastrophic booms… where stocks go to zero, and others rise 10,000%. I’ve seen liars make millions and honest people go broke. 

And I know how banks and brokers and fund managers and private bankers talk to their customers…. because for a lot of my career, I’ve been on that side of the table. 

I’ve been a stock analyst and research director for a big emerging market investment bank, managed a hedge fund, and sold mutual funds to private bankers. I’ve advised Fortune 50 companies on political risk and helped build stock exchanges from scratch in countries that few people could find on a map. I’ve lived and worked in ten countries, from Spain to Russia to Sri Lanka to the United States. 

Along the way, I’ve learned something about how markets work… and what matters (and doesn’t matter) in the world of investing. I’ve also learned a lot about how the world of finance twists the truth… how those who you think are looking out for your financial interests are actually looking out for themselves. I see it every day. 

At Stansberry Churchouse Research, we’re in the business of independent investment insight. I can’t promise that we’ll never be wrong. But I can promise you that what you read here is what we believe.