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I know you’re interested in investing in gold. 

And I just put the finishing touches on the latest issue of the Churchouse Letter… an issue that’s entirely about gold

It tells you my two favourite ways of investing in gold. 

One of them is a way that you can invest in gold at a discount to the spot price. 

Sounds crazy, I know. But it’s true. 

And there’s a lot more to the Churchouse Letter than that. 

For example, the first recommendation I made, back in December, is a way to invest in the potential uncertainty of the new American president. 

And it’s up nearly 20 percent since then. And I think it’s just starting. 

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When you begin a no-obligation trial subscription to my Churchouse Letter today, you’ll get access to a whole lot more than just my monthly investment newsletter.

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So that’s why I also want to give you a suite of bonus materials to help you become a more well-rounded and smarter investor.

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They include: 

BONUS #1: Project H

My research team and I have dubbed this Asian stock-picking mission “Project H” for a simple reason.

The stocks we’re targeting are traded on a ‘hidden’ Hong Kong market.

I say ‘hidden’, because this market is about as far from mainstream investors’ radars as you can get.

In 1993, some of the most powerful companies in Asia started listing their stocks on this market as well as their local exchanges.

They did this because they wanted to attract international investors…and at that time their local exchange did not allow foreigners access.

So these companies also started listing on the ‘hidden’ Hong Kong market.

The thing is, over the decades, investors never really took to this market in the way the companies anticipated.

They expected demand for their shares to quickly match prices on their hard-to-access local exchanges.

But, like I said, international investors never really caught on.

Instead, a dual market - often involving a big price gap - developed.

Inside this report, you’ll discover my three urgent stock recommendations, and my backdoor investment strategy that will show you how to buy stocks on this hidden market at a 25% discount.

BONUS #2: The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Asia’s Explosive Markets 

Asia is home to 63% of the world’s population… the majority of the world’s fastest-growing economies… the world’s second-largest stock market… and the world’s largest middle class.

What you might not understand is how this translates into enormous investment opportunities throughout the region.

With my team, I’ve put together a comprehensive overview of everything YOU need to know about investing in Asia, like:

  • The country with the world’s fastest-growing large economy (hint: it’s not China) – and the opportunity in that country’s technology sector is astounding, as I’ll show you.
  • An industry that’s a foundation of economic growth – and which will see trillions of dollars of investment over the next five years… and how to invest in it.
  • How to find out what’s really going on in China and its “black box” economy.
  • The Asian market that’s enjoyed the world’s longest-running bull market… and why it could be set for spectacular growth in coming months (there’s even a blueprint for how this will unfold, from another part of the world…)
  • How the recent American presidential elections affect Asia’s stock markets… and what a Donald Trump presidency tells us about how Asian shares will perform.
  • How much does the recent death of Thailand’s king really matter? I’ll share with you one of my favourite investment strategies (it’s a bit morbid and has to do with waiting for people to die… but it works great).
  • You’ve probably heard about these two basic trading rules… and it turns out they work in Asia too If you’ve ever thought about investing in Asian stocks, ETFs, or real estate, you simply must read this document. 

If you’ve ever thought about investing in Asian stocks, ETFs, or real estate, you simply must read this document.

I’ve compiled it so that no matter where you live… no matter if you’re investing with thousands or HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars…

You can get up to speed with precisely why opportunities like the “hidden” market stocks I’ve profiled today are, in reality, parts of a MUCH bigger investment trend.

This report is something you can refer to again and again as you embark on this investment journey with us. 

It covers everything you need to understand exactly what’s happening in the Asian markets right now… and how these shifts will affect your wealth in the coming months.

Because whether you realize it or not, what’s taking place in this region right now is THE defining financial shift of your lifetime.

And when you begin a trial subscription to my brand new Churchouse Letter today, you can download your copy to keep. 

BONUS #3: The Complete Guide to the Most Powerful Investment Vehicle in the World 

Imagine an investment product that is easy to buy… low-cost… gives you access to almost any investment you can imagine… and you can buy from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.

If you want to invest in India while living in Indiana, you can do it…

Interested in Asian bonds, but you don’t know how to buy them? These allow you to own a whole basket of them with one purchase…

Want to own gold bullion… Indonesian shares… the best dividend stocks… technology shares…? No problem. You can do it all on your laptop or smartphone using your online brokerage account.

If you’re an investor… understanding exchange traded funds (ETFs) is absolutely essential. 

These simple wealth-growing investments are everything you’ve just read and more.

For years, they’ve been one of the most convenient and low-cost ways for the average investor to generate impressive returns, but they’re not very popular in Asia… yet.

Inside you’ll discover…

  • Why ETF’s are hugely attractive to low-risk investors who have an aversion to paying fees… 
  • How to instantly buy gold, silver, platinum and other metals from anywhere in the world… 
  • How to cut your investment costs in HALF
  • The ETFs to buy… and the ones to avoid

And we’ll also tell you some things your broker or a fund salesperson won’t tell you about ETFs… including their biggest risks… and the Stansberry Churchouse Research's “hacks” that will help you avoid them. (This piece of information alone could save you thousands…)  


The Singapore Exchange has over 85 ETFs available for trading. But most investors can only buy 19 of them! The rest are restricted – only certain investors can buy them…

But we’ve done our research. And we’ve figured out how anyone can access these “restricted” ETFs – but the information is only available in our special report.

We’ll tell you why everyone can’t trade these ETFs… then we’ll show you the steps you need to take to gain access.

One hint… it involves passing a test… and we’ll show you what you need to do to pass it.

And we want you to have it… for free! It’s all part of the Churchouse Letter welcome package.

All of this together is the ultimate “how-to” for making money in Asia’s markets. This took me and my team literally months to assemble… and this insight and research is yours for free – with your subscription to the Churchouse Letter

BONUS #4: Access my exclusive Singapore interview with Quantum Fund founder, Jim Rogers 

If you’ve never had the fortune to read or listen to legendary investor Jim Rogers talk about investing, then this bonus alone makes trying my brand new research service MORE than worth your while today.

Jim told Forbes in 2012: “The 21st century will be the century of China.”

Having predicted the global financial crisis as early as 2002…and shorted Fannie Mae just before the crisis hit in 2006…Rogers is now looking at the next big global investment story. 

And it’s right here, in Asia.

As it happens, Jim lives not far from me here in Singapore.

We recently sat down together to talk investing. And Jim was generous enough to let my team record our conversation so that you could effectively be a “fly on the wall”…

And get his candid views on where the greatest opportunities are right now. 

Jim reveals some of the biggest mistakes he’s made as an investor (and in life)…and explains how YOU can avoid the very same pitfalls.

He tells me how the changes taking place in the world economy right now will leave many investors looking like fools in 15 years.

And he shares some wisdom for young people just starting their journey as investors.

When you begin your charter Churchouse Letter membership today, you’ll get access to this exclusive video interview, which we shot in Jim’s home not far from my office here in Singapore.

You’ll learn: 

  • His methods And tactics for achieving returns of over 4,000% in 10 years…You’ll gain EXCLUSIVE insight into how one of the world’s foremost investment experts decides on and executes his investments… you won’t find this anywhere else! I’m talking about insights like…
  • The two most important things that Jim looks at for buy ideas…
  • How to avoid the biggest danger of investing (it’s NOT what you think it is)…
  • Why Apple, Amazon and other “too-big-to-fail” tech companies might make us all “look like fools” within the next 15 years (a unique history lesson)…
  • How Jim approaches investing (he’s created a fortune worth hundreds of millions of dollars over his career) …
  • The best way to take an investment theme and narrow it down to the single best investment to profit from the story… 
  • FOUR emerging markets Jim is watching very closely… which regular investors are pretty much totally ignoring (one of these is just a few borders away from Singapore) … 
  • An alternative to diversification – why Jim believes you’re better off choosing “the right basket” as opposed to playing it safe by distributing your wealth across asset classes…
  • Plus, Jim explains why following the herd – especially at this point in history – is the least safe thing to do with your money. He reveals specific resources he uses to form the independent opinions that have guided him through financial turbulence over the decades… and made him a great deal of money. 
  • SPECIAL INSIGHT into Jim Rogers’ BIGGEST recent trades: From investing in China to purchasing Russian rubles… He opens up about his latest investment decisions and his rationale behind them.

Let me make something clear…

While Jim frequently appears in the media as a respected commentator in the finance world, this 40-minute video interview is 100% exclusive to Churchouse Letter charter members.

 When you sign up today, you’re getting an insight into Jim’s mind that few other people have access to.

Investors around the world pay thousands of dollars to see this man speak.

And for good reason.

His track record of making bold, contrarian predictions – and then backing those predictions up with his own money – means that when Jim Rogers speaks, you’d do well to listen very carefully.

Jim has generously agreed to let me share our conversation with you today when you take a trial subscription.

This is a rare opportunity. Because while conference attendees around the world pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to attend events with Jim…

You will pay much, much less… 

Take a 30-day no-obligation trial and start building your wealth today

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- BONUS #1: “Project H”: How to make gains of 86%... 102%... even 110% from three stocks spearheading Asia’s 21st Century boom. Inside this report you’ll discover my three urgent stock recommendations, and my backdoor investment strategy that will show you how to buy stocks on this hidden market at a 25% discount.

- BONUS #2: The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Asia's Explosive Markets

- BONUS #3: The Stansberry Churchouse Research Guide to ETFs

- BONUS #4: Exclusive Jim Rogers Interview

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And, if things go like I think they will, you could make hundreds of percent returns, or even more, depending on how you choose to act on my recommendations.

But like all movements in the stock market, timing is everything. I can’t promise that these stocks are always going to have as much potential as they do right now – as you know, investments are not guaranteed. Their stock price could even rise today, pricing you out of the opportunity.

So, if you’re at all interested in the chance to secure a 110% gain from my picks this year, and securing your founding member discount please act now.

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Legendary globe-trotting speculator Doug Casey on Kim Iskyan

"I read a lot of international publications, and go through a lot of data. But Kim Iskyan's Asia Alpha Advisory [now the Churchouse Letter] will be at the top of my list.

Why? He pinpoints the most important situations, analyzes them astutely, and comes up with practical ways to capitalize on them. It's critical to be international today…

But even more important to have reliable boots-on-the-ground information. Subscribe to this publication!"

 — Doug Casey, globally renowned financial writer, speculator, and the founder and chairman of Casey Research 

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I’m not going to force you to stay subscribed to a service you don’t value. The opposite in fact – I only want readers who understand the value of the recommendations and analysis that I’m providing.

But if you now know that an understanding of Asian markets is the key to growing your wealth in the coming years, I’d love to have you aboard. 

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This time, I don’t want you to miss out.

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